You and The Mind

One man serves up a portion of his experiences in these words:  “I originally was dissatisfied with my condition…and tried to change it.  But with no success, later I was doubly dissatisfied:  I was still dissatisfied with my condition, but later became also dissatisfied about being dissatisfied with my condition, and not being able to change it.  I now still don’t much care for my general condition, but I don’t dislike my disliking it as much as I once did.  Are we talking ‘moving-ahead’ here or what?” he asks us, (rhetorically, I hope).

If you’re ordinary, you believe that “You” is your mind;
If you concentrate, you believe “You” are directing your mind,
If you awaken, you believe “You” are attempting to subdue your mind,
And if you are awake, there is no “You” and the “Mind.”

(Don’t let a boy wander off believing that he can do a man’s job, for all he’ll do is screw up the man’s possibilities. Keep your children clutched as close to your breast as you can.)

Here is another quick test of your understanding:  Do you comprehend this statement:  “Even if a man could constantly, (for instance), ‘self-remember’ without understanding what ‘self-remembering’ is, he would not be fully therein engaged.”  Do you have a rough idea of what’s being pointed to?!


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