You Do The Math

One man wrapped up everything he’d learned about the matter of interest to us in his magnum opus, which he entitled:  “Everything You Need To Know About Achieving Awakening,” which still consisted of but these few words on its single page,

 “You’re asleep;
You Know What It Takes To Wake Up;
You Do The Math.”

The first stage in being mystified – I mean, “Of being a follower of a mystical system,” is in being thoroughly fascinated with its descriptions of what’s wrong with man and how to change that.  The second stage is when you are no longer satisfied with “descriptions,” but want “explanations.”  The pay-off stage is when you’re not interested in explanations of why things are as they are, or in descriptions of how they might be changed.  The only interest you have left is what you can actually DO at this very instant to effect change.  (Hey, that other guy already summed it up when he said, “You do the math.”)

A quick way to tell, “If you’re getting closer” is if:  You now have but “one problem” – ONE – classifiable to you as a, “problem.”  “Ah, good day to you sir, and welcome to, ‘The One Problem Thinker’s Club.”  You’ll find nametags over by the coffee and doughnuts.”


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