There is Nothing as Strange

The opening line in a recently published textbook of cosmology pronounces:
“There is nothing as strange, as the universe which we inhabit.”   
A statement that will likely be unchallenged even by experts, but one which is thoroughly vacuous, in that the mind of man, which makes such a statement, has no other universe against which to compare this one’s “strangeness.”   This is also true regarding many statements men mouth as self-evident facts, and no one seems ready, or interested, in taking the mind’s experimental limitations into account as they merrily roll along, serenely with its wheel.

The only real difference between ordinary people and a man who wants to awaken, is that This whole thing is like a game, and the former do not take it “seriously,” (in a certain way), while the latter DO take it “seriously,” (in a certain way).

The explanation for all of the weird and crazy stuff that men believe they see, is due to them not comprehending the nature of the mind, and the role it plays in their perception of Life.  When you are enlightened as to the nature and goings-on of the mind, everything about Life falls into place and makes perfect sense.


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