Just the Facts, Man

Fact:  Those who believe that they understand the “problem” best, are always those farthest from its reality.  (Apply to your own ordinary thinking and how it believes itself the best judge of itself.)

Fact:  In the mentally based, secondary-world-of-man, anything has the potential to affect anything else.  Thus, in that realm, are such concepts as, “The Truth,” and “Valid Models,” fluid.

Corollary:  To those such as priests, philosophers, and psychologists who commonly profess expertise regarding the inner workings of man, how things really are remains a complete mystery.

Fact:  All models beget further models.

Corollary:  In the secondary world, finality does not exist; but in that thoughts are fluid and limitless – ergo, the contrary illusion.

One father’s advice to his son:  “Between those delectable bouts of designing in your mind, what life and awakening be about, walk down to the public square and see if life as lived there squares with mental designs.”  A mystic stuck on a “system” rather than on results will voice such strolls.


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