What They Talk About

FACT:  No one understands what they talk about – but it is okay since no one believes they do anyway.  Remember:  The truth is not “out there,” and if you have to ask, “then where is it?” you couldn’t see it even were it directly pointed to…sorry, that’s just how it is.

A fellow makes this note:  “For many years the certainty and finality with which past masters spoke of ‘sleep and awakening’ was to me clear evidence of their having achieved the supreme understanding.  But I have come to have doubts, and am near seeing the situation in the opposite.  It begins to feel to me that the speaking in such absolute terms about such a wondrous matter may be the unwitting admission of their failure to go as far as the journey offered.”

Those who have spoken and written in such terms may have, under their individual circumstances, experienced Satori, yet never understood what had actually occurred.

Amongst seekers, a man can pass for being enlightened, simply by never engaging in conversation with them.

A man can only pass for being enlightened to himself, by maintaining such a position relative to his own inner head voice.

It’s not where you know but when;
It’s not when you know but why, and
For Revolutionist purposes, it’s not the why.


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