Vive la Difference

For people like us, being asleep is bad enough – trying to awaken just makes it worse.

The Difference between a sleeping man and an awakened one is that an awakened man never thinks about being asleep, (or even better put):  He doesn’t have any room in his brain to think about being awake or asleep.  No unnecessary space = No sleep.

Be a pushy visitor at the Aquarium; keep your face pressed right up against the glass, and don’t let anyone or anything get between you and the tank.  If anything gets between your face and the glass – it’s your ass!  Be like a marriage counselor; reconcile the two parties.

Trying to awaken while replying on the wrong neural system, is like trying to train a dog to stay in its own yard while driving it away through your attempts to train it to stay home.

Compensate for your apparent lack of musical pitch, and if you ever finally get the thing in tune –“WELD IT IN PLACE,” and never screw around with the tuning again.


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