Simply Leave No Room


“If you’re enlightened do you know everything?”
“No, but you have no room for not-knowing.”

“Then, if you’re enlightened are you awake?”
“No, but you have no space in which to sleep.”

“Then if you know-the-secret, and know-what-you’re-doing, do you at least – know what you’re doing?”
“No, but at least you no longer attempt to light matches on the sun.”

Be like a good radio announcer and don’t allow there to be any “dead air time.”  You don’t accomplish this by filling up all available space with more talk and noise; you just scrunch up all that already there.  You simply leave no room for, “dead air.”

“Professor, let me ask you, “Is that allegory flawed?”
“You’re catching on, my boy, now what you need do is realize that the ‘flaw’ is inherent in having room in your mind for an allegory.”

“But Professor, they’re just words!”
“Exactly, my boy, squeeze out the very last drop of toothpaste from the tube, (and if it is interested), you’ll have an enlightened tube.”
(Or, you could say, that you then have a tube that will no longer think of itself as being asleep or deluded.)

All-In-All; Today’s Written Wrap-Up:

If you allow any room to exist between what you have heretofore considered to be, “you,” and whatever may be left in your mind besides that, the space will be immediately and continually filled up with – “being asleep.”  (Don’t ever say that I didn’t attempt to convey that which you can’t say.)


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