Be an Anti-Inventor

Be an anti-inventor; don’t say: “I have an idea for a new product.”  Rather, take an opposite route and find an idea that will free you from your present product, which distracts you into thinking that your ordinary “mind-condition” is improper, unsuitable and unworkable.

Be efficient when you go and apply: Don’t squander your time; step right up the front of the line.  Don’t let that imaginary unnecessary “figure-in-you-mind,” stand between you and the counter.  Move in immediately and fill up that space normally present in your mind between you and the pay-off desk, an avoidable space that is the cause of your “application distress.”

In truth, there is nothing in your mind bothering you.  What is annoying is the gap that comes from you identifying, “you” as being something – somehow – apart from your regular old, everyday, ordinary mind.

(Mediation is not required for the enlightenment:  Simply use Alum.)

Be like a good newborn calf and stay as close to Mama’s side as possible.  Stick so close to the very thing in our head that you’ve been studying, and struggling with; that there is no room left to be asleep, deluded, or any other bad thing.  If you wander from home – you’ll feel lost.

Don’t worry about the “Ghost-in-the-machine” – throw yourself into the machine.  When there is no mental “you” left to achieve enlightenment – you ARE enlightened.


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