Go Out With A BANG! (Post-Holiday Edition)

When one knows how to expansively, and ultra-dimensionally, re-arrange dichotomously presented choices, one may see affairs catered such that one may have one’s cake and eat it too, and enjoy indigestion shared with the choice givers.

The ballad of one celestial, if not cerebral Casanova:

“Let us romance our thoughts,
Without guilt, without score,

Fuck ‘em tonight,
Leave ‘em next morn.”

The saga of “Known Dangers And The Three Unknown Implications”:

Regarding “Known Dangers,” they are either:
One:     No longer alive,
Two:    Are not dangerous, or
Three:  Were not properly known to begin with.
(Storyteller’s Addendum:  This could have specific, orthopedic significance regarding City attempts to change known “bad habits.”)

When asked about it directly, almost everyone will say, “Yes”, they believe, “it’s important.”

Remember:  It’s better to go out with a Bang, than to either just “go out,” or to bang.


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