Rude Noises

One kid said, “I don’t care to live anywhere but here.”
And the ole man asked, “You mean ‘right here’?”
And the kid affirmed, “Yes, ‘right here.’”
The father queried, “You mean ‘right here’?”
And the son answered, “Yes, yes, you could not be more correct, Each and Every ‘here.’”

In certain minimally stabilized time zones, the “guy in Chile” ain’t really, unless everyone else says he is.  (“Hey, don’t wait supper for me.  Hey, if you don’t hear, I did – I didn’t.”)

One ole sorehead father, (I suppose in his sweet, paternal attempt to prepare his youngster for the upcoming ole-sorehead-future), advised his off-spring like this:  “Kid, EVERY thing ‘serves you right.’”

Rude noises issue
from rude appliances.

One of those petulant park speakers was discoursing thusly, “Organized crime will never be eradicated so long as a single man is alive.” 
And a listener spoke up and said, “I don’t understand that.” 
To which the speaker replied, “Say what?” 
And the passer-by restated, “That doesn’t make any sense.” 
To which the discourser summarily replied, “Ah, but it will to that last man alive.”


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