The Beach (Holiday Edition)

A new fable I wrote for this occasion:

 There was once an island in the middle of an ocean, and on the island was a beach – a beach with unusual characteristics:  The beach decided that it wanted a full knowledge of the island’s nature: The beach studies the cyclical ebbing and flowing of the tides surround the island.  It studied the endless turning of the heavens above the island; it studied the effect of the ever blowing winds upon its terrain, and the beach ultimately tried to include a study of itself in its efforts.

But, there was one thing – one critical aspect of the island that the beach could not study, (or even see), and that was, what was below the island!  Was the island floating on the water…or was it resting on something below, and if so, what?  No matter how sincere, intense and informed was the beach of the island via its visible environment, without a knowledge of what lay below it, no full understanding of its nature was possible.

This is my latest tale; I alone wrote it, and the responsibility for its meaning and intent rests solely with me.  I must say to you that:  I do not know what it means nor what my intention was in writing it…other than to have something to do…with my mind…at the time.  Thus, are potentially elucidating tales loosed upon an unprepared public.


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