Don’t Let Yourself Know

A gentleman from somewhere else writes to say that someone told him that I once said that “Only sissies cry,” and he wants to note that he’s not at all sure I’m being completely fair since he says that, “Only sissies have anything to cry about.”  (So – “THERE”…I guess…)

The great Human Drama is played out in an infinite number of Acts; the view from the Revolutionist seats, however, reveals a certain redundancy.

You shouldn’t even let yourself, (you know what I mean – “your SELF”), don’t even let yourself know the extent of your knowledge.

Although by the very structure of things, the Neural Revolution can never be the majority power, you might care to note that anyone who has ever tried to independently “think” was at least once a “rebel-in-civilian-clothing.”

Once you understand that in many areas and on many occasions, “talking about things,” is a bigger hobby than even sex; then you have one less major annoyance.


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