Sinking Ship

The mere sight of quite ordinary, everyday objects, was often enough to send this one man’s mind into an absolute state of apathy.


To certain attuned ears,
ome things mean more
than they say, and
some mean less, but
they all mean the same.


One guy offers this comment: “My mind has become so citified that I can easily think of only one thing at a time, and I might add, with great intensity and pretentious purpose; it’s all over but removing the police barricades and cleaning up the streets.”


(Several times when
the ship was sinking,
they thought the alarm
had gone off.)


One king decreed that every single thing that existed in his kingdom must be labeled. (The Official Proclamation came out reading that everything must be “plainly labeled,” but the king, being the realist he was, had only said “labeled.”


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