Captain Irony Sez

And on a more positive, everyday note: As long as you’re alive and well in the city, and as long as you’re aware and hip to this fact, you may never need the services of Captain Irony.


They tell of a chap who changed his name to Unziolotto so that he wouldn’t have to spell it.


In one area, one guy ultimately became so frustrated that he finally tried thinking about things in such a way that it explained them.  (P.S.: You guys should be a little thankful of where you live – there are some places that wouldn’t even let me tell you about stuff like this.)


A fellow over in that direction tried to adopt as his motto the following: “If you get crippled twice, the first time doesn’t count.”


In many of the smaller villages, they would ofttimes appoint one man to be in charge of “Understating The Obvious.” (Over near the viaduct, a fellow heard this and reacted, “Hey!  I’m from a small village,” when what he should have said was, “Hey!  I am a small village.”) [Doesn’t anybody begin to get it yet?]


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