Cruise Line

Over in another zone, there’s an amazing cruise line that, whenever one of its ships reaches its destination – sinks it.


Over on this one planet, a guy has announced his new business; he says it is a “barbershop for the mind.”  He refused to give additional details, but says he’ll be open by Friday.


“Yeah, I know,” said the low-sodium old pirate, “fourteen men on a dead man’s chest sounds like mighty bad news, but I had a cousin who was done in by seventeen opinions in a plain brown envelope.”


The unwritten law and energy balance in this life can be thusly put: Grab all you can with your right hand, keep hold of all you have in your left.


As if to underline his faux supremacy over passing foes, one king would return each night to the battlefield and slash again the already dead.


If you’re not
starving to death,
the secret to life
is entertainment.


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