Rude Noises

Proposed motto for the city university that has yet to be adopted: “Habit Rules The Unreflecting Herd; Graduate Habit Rules The Rest Of Us.”


There was this guy who knew the damnedest things;
there was another guy who could think of the damnedest things. 
Who would you vote for?


As the uniformed men changed the tire on the bus, the ole man leaned close to the kid and said, “If you try to appeal to the minds of everyone, you might become famous; if you try and fail, you can always believe that you’re simply ahead of your time; but either way, you get free drinks if you play at the hundred dollar table.”


Making rude noises
is only one of the jobs
of the intellect.


Then, from that near-distant reality, spake the great voice:

“Lo, it is I, the infinite origin of the universe; I, the lord of all that is, and of all that ever shall be; I am the supreme core of all creation – I am beginning and I am the end.  The middle, however is somebody else’s responsibility.”


The rebel’s authentic
adopted home
is an abstract nation.


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