Keeper Of The Small Stuff

A King who for many years would say, “Skip the small stuff,” one day added up all that he’d skipped, and was so impressed that he made his brother-in-law the Keeper Of The Small Stuff.


A thing cut in two
is not then necessarily
“two things.”


One ole man told his brain – oh no, that should surely say, “Told his offspring” – told him, “Say, look here kid, don’t ever come to me and say, ‘I’m all dressed up with no place to go,’ ‘cause I ain’t ever gonna be the one to tell you to get dressed up.”


We got ourselves a letter here from a man who wants to make a personal contribution – a new verse – to that continuing folk chorale, “Hey Lawdee Mama, Look What Life’s Done To Me Now.”  To wit:  He says that he has, in part, been taken over by the spirit of Mozart, but that the part so seized affects his height – not his musical ability.


In City circles,
that literature deemed esteemable,
ultimately reveals more
to its readers
than it did to its authors.



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