Caught in the Middle

A City guy’s best ally,
is aging hormones.


Attempting to explain his impossible-to-ignore failure as a historian, one son told the family, “Well…I came in…in the middle of everything.”

After years of enmity and heated wrangling between him and his creatures, this one god issued what he said would be his final word on the matter, the official statement read, “Hey, it’s better than nothing.”

Simply “aggravating a problem”
IS one way to deal with the problem.


The difference between any two facts
is equal to their sum, divided by two,
seen through a stereo-scope.


And yet another reader writes to ask why I do not more often remind the audience NOT to ever assume that my stories regarding kings, gods, ole sore-heads, ole men and kids, partners and readers, might have some additional meaning and even application to them individually – Well, I don’t for two reasons:  First is that they might actually take the warning seriously, and second is that it’s not necessary.


Bright and early, first thing each and every morning, this one guy would face himself in the mirror over the sink, looking specifically toward his upper forehead and declare, “Today, my friend – we clean house.”


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