Three Red Birds

Why even bother
to be cheap and tacky
if you’re not going to have pretensions?


In the landscape
of this one curious electrical world,
three red birds
are worth eight headaches.


One fellow,who had studied philosophy and some computer programming, and who had held down a number of reasonably respectable jobs, now merely floats and exists as a “bag-person” on the mean streets of a local City, and he explains his tangible downfall as being the result of an inner turmoil brought on by him asking himself, “Why the paucity of religious fervor-in the Antarctic?”


On a particularly blustery day, the ole man pulled the kid into a corner and confided, “They’re gonna tell you that it’s good for a man to ‘know his limits, and well that may be, but son, I say it’d be a damn sight better to introduce them limits to some other guy and tell ‘em that HE’S you.”


I once met a chap who made his comments sound more important than they were.  (As balm for your concern – this was long ago and far away.)


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