The people then coyly fluttered their eyes, swept back their hair in a dramatic gesture, and cooed to the potential tango tyrant, “We wanna be dipped by you, just you, and nobody else but you…”


During his youth, the advice one kid continually received from his father was, “Hey, go figure.”  The lad so heartily embraced this monition that in his manhood he became called the, “Hey Go Figure Guy,” which, for some reasons he could never fathom, pleased the ole man dearly.


One fellow decided
that ordinary body functions
had little to do with living an
so his brain drowned.


The president of one City college, after receiving complaints and requests that he find instructors with a higher intellectual level, decided on the more efficient approach and began to seek students with a lower one.


Near a roadway construction project (that’s what the sign called it), I was handed a pamphlet that, by its title, purported to be, “The Combined Lesson Of The Decade In Physics, Psychology And ‘Good Old Fashion Common Sense’ As Determined By Me – Your Most Humble Literary Servant.”  Well, as you can imagine, by the time I had read the full title of the little leaflet I was too tired to go on with it, but a head popped up from a reinforced drainage ditch and noted that, did I not, this particular item could end up even more obtuse than seems sometimes the norm.  (Thanking the honest laborer for his views, I did decide to press on with my perusal of the pamphlet, and what it had to say, in its entirety, was as follows):  “Did water not run downhill, all of London, including bakers and other important people, would be forced to sport aqualungs, and brains would be driven to the back stroke.”


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