Travel Tips Insurgents

Just after their late dinner, a kid sat the ole man down and said, “With not the least less regard, admiration and love for you, I must say that at times it’s hard being your kid.”  The elder replied,
“I could pat you on the head, and say ‘I see,’ but think how hard it is being ME.”

More travel tips for the insurgent:

Some things that cannot be stopped
CAN be turned around.

Note for the ordinary:
Many things that can be turned around
can’t be stopped.

(Interesting, no, how similar can be advice
to such dis-similar parties?)


In a unique fashion
a Revolutionist can always
“tell when it’s over,”
by realizing that
it’s not at all over.


As a test, or maybe a joke…(or maybe they couldn’t tell the difference), in this one universe was one planet on which was one City wherein some of the “experts” actually KNEW what they were talking about.  (Is it really necessary for me to add that these “some experts” were never clearly identified?)


The ole man:  “A person without conclusions
is like a traveler without baggage.”

The kid:  “So what’s wrong with that?”

Ole man:  “You insolent pup – go to your room.”

Kid:  “But it’s in the next county.”

(The ole timer turns and looks at us
from inside this item and says,
“You think I didn’t know that?”)


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