The Glorious Fib!

In the recent, intergalactic “How Progressive Can You Be” contest, a relatively young solar system won by coming up with a “New And Improved Form Of SARCASM!”  (And going out to these fine, fine folks is, I’m sure, our deepest, most heart-felt and sincere congratulations.)


Be Careful What You Wish For Department:
One guy said, “Okay,” he’d try to stop drinking. 
His effort proved successful and made him so mad
he said he’s never going to try anything else again.



I previously mentioned a time and place wherein this kinda of activity was known as “The Wondrous Fib.” The name was actually, “The GLORIOUS FIB.”  (I trust this slight faux pas caused no lasting difficulties.)


Down by the City docks, a chap told me that at times of stress and confusion, he often would just lie down and put a “cold compass to his head” – to see which way his brain was pointing.


Yet another quite seditious exemplary notation of how Life grows through ordinary man’s mind in a manner both curious and unexpected, while at the same time unexpected and curious.  (“To-wit” stay wid me now):  In City college the professor discourses, “The history of early Greek culture falls into four main periods, but no one knows what they are.”


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