Adequate Time Mid-Week

And yet another “V.V.” (vivacious viewer), writes to say the he shouldn’t take it so personally.  “Hey” (we should write him back and say), “We couldn’t agree with you less…COULD we?”


First voice said, “Most men just won’t take adequate time.”  And the second responded, “Most men don’t have adequate time.”  And a distant cousin, here for a visit, added, “I surmise that most men’s perception of what is adequate is severely lacking.”  And the first two kicked his out-of-town-ass up and down both sides of the street, based on their inherent affection for foreign ideas.


A couple of those old “park philosophers” were lying out in the grass and the first one said, “The greatest flaw in human happiness is man’s ability to think of the future.”  And his companion replied, “Well there’s your answer.”


(And now a private memo
for the mutineers that may
or may not be encoded):

Merely being aware of the “Pro’s and Con’s”
in any particular area is NOT “Thinking Of
More Than One Thing At A Time.”


In the mind
things are propped-up
to be knocked-up.



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