One Way Street

Street-level intelligence may rise and fall –
but not enough to hurt anyone.

In a world not quite your own,
there is a society that defines the past as,
“Anything that happened to somebody else.”


There are no permanent one-way streets.


(File [I suppose] in the “Any Enlightenment Might Be All Enlightenment” Department):

One chap says that his sole, sudden moment of epiphany, in as a surprising area as it was, nonetheless instantly made everything else in life “just as clear as hell.”  It all came, he continues, when he at once realized that the entire Science OF Economics was “MADE UP”!  (This proved so satisfying that it’s reputed his brothers are wielding the same idea in a re-vigored inquiry into the field of Theology, Psychology and Nouveau French Cuisine.)


And there was this one guy
who told his captors that he didn’t hold them
“personally responsible.” Of course,
this was the one guy in the whole universe
who doesn’t realize who his real captors are –
whoops, sorry, that was you wasn’t it.


And finally from the ole mail bag we extract a message from a certain professor across town who insists that if someone doesn’t tell him “who is,” or “who writes,” all the Daily News, that he’s going to, “Hold his breath, become an atheist, and take a shot at Santa Claus.”



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