The Suggestion

It was just about then
that one fellow stood up
and made a suggestion.


One fine day (it actually wavered between “fine” and “semi-coarse #3″) in his later years, one ole man sat his kid down softly and said, “Son, I have come to realize that some of what I have told you is not correct, nor operational.”  He paused in pensive silence as the youngster methodically unfurled and hung the brightly painted banner that read “Welcome To The Club.”


Although I suspect some of you
have already kinda figured it out,
I’ll go ahead and say it out loud –
LIFE is the ultimate Institution.


A fellow looked me up to say that if he had a “family motto” it might…”  he interrupted himself to note that in truth he should say that, “If he had a family and then a motto it might…”  then I stopped him to say that it was this kind of palaver and loose thinking that made some of these efforts “hard to get on with,” but he waved his hand in dismissal and continued to say that if he had a family, and if the family had a family motto, it might be this: “Those Attempting To ‘Save-The-World’ are…”  He halted again to say that it might, in its final form, sound better in a “Good Latin Translation,” but then I waved my hand as to signal, “No matter – on with it please,” so on he went, “The motto might be, ‘Those Attempting To ‘Save-The-World’ Are Wrecking Mine.”  After several seconds of real bad silence, I said that in regards to this entire episode, that it was “Hardly worth it,” to which he replied – “So what!”




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