It’s Hard to Trick Darkness

On this one planet, all of the people had guns,
but only the king had bullets, and on a neighboring
world, all the people had bullets, but only the kind had a gun. 
One day the Parliament of one of the worlds proposed
there be unrestricted migration allowed between them,
and the populace of both orbs were so amazed
they were rendered immobile.


The shape of the question
affects the contours of the response.


Ordinary man’s perception of the “inequities of life” is not unlike the belief that one was born into a family of Teamsters, but was then forced to live their life under the rules of the U.A.W.  (Expositionary Collateral By-Laws:  1. Substitutions are permissible.

                                                                  2. Substitutions are encouraged.

                                                                  3. Substitutions are strictly forbidden.

                                                                          Meeting adjourned.)


In realities so multifarious and omni-related
it is inevitable (maybe) that sometimes some things
can drift over the edge and fall into another actuality;
when this happens and it is seen, it is not seen – SEE?


It’s hard to trick darkness.



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