Out of a Job on a Friday?

All really good stories are apocryphal. 
(Why else you suppose they all happened
sometime else and not now.)

Since it is the responsibility of
prophets, scientists, critics and inventors
to “solve existing problems,”
what’s the Revolutionist’s job – huh?


One guy’s still wondering
if laughter might indeed be
“The ultimate form of variety.”

Last week in mid afternoon, there was a group of people sitting on the grassy hillock near the City Stadium, and one man suddenly stood and declared, “I am no more than a mere lodger in my own body,” and no sooner had he sat down than another chap arose and announced, “And I am no more than a guest within my own mind and personality,.” and after he returned to the ground, a third figure stood and said, “And I, I fear, am but another hapless participant in yet another Daily News item that is going to leave me nonplussed, if not perfectly confounded.”

All real good thoughts have a secret,
built-in self protection.





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