Three Guys Thursday

If you can get three guys
to pose together for a photograph –
they’re dangerous.

On a cross town bus, while waiting at a major intersection, a fellow about mid-way toward the front stood and delivered, (said he), “Although it is an accepted historical and cultural fact that some composers could write difficult music, even they couldn’t place why should we ergo excuse a man for writing ideas that he himself cannot think?”

Just because something
can’t be seen three dimensionally
doesn’t mean it can’t be seen.

After less than auspicious occasions, one chap was want to remark, “A miss by an inch is as good as a miss by a mile,” until his partner finally noted that his little “truism” was in no wise serving their decorous interests; so at such times he began to assert that, “A miss by a mile is as good as a miss by an inch.”  (If this item had a moral it might be, “Items ain’t got no morals.”  Oh, all right, I guess we could weaken and go far enough to note that, “In many circumstances, it’s hard to turn around.”)

Having to “stand up for your rights”
is no proof you have none.



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