Best Suggestion for a Saturday

From the local City comes another letter, this one from a chap who says he has undertaken to turn himself into a “recognizable philosopher,” solely through his own private efforts; he goes on to note that he believes he now has all of the “questions about life” narrowed down to this query:  “Which is the silliest, the past or the present?”


Final Notice:    
The substitute for good
social position
is being able to think.
Final Notice II: 
Those OF such position
paid me to say it like this
rather than the other way around.

A few still like to hear about the guy
who got so good at it that
he didn’t have to do it anymore…

This King declared, “Those who pity me I slay.”  An out of town visitor inquired as to how many men had been so dispatched, and his kingliness replied, “None,” and for a moment the transient thought he had learned something.  (A curious thing, no?)


At some sort of meeting over at the University’s Faculty Center,
one man took the podium and commenced his comments, to wit: 

“The best suggestion made thus far
is the suggestion that hasn’t been made thus far.”


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