A Friday Fable

A jot for the margins of your textbook:
The ordinary Laws-Of-Motion
apply to language.


The search for the “One World”
leads to many.


A Felicitous Delicious Fable For Friday:

Perusing his unclothed reflection in a full length mirror,
a lad extemporaneously and unilaterally suddenly axiomized,
“In Heaven, all will be naked except for the beautiful,
except for the handsome…cause they won’t be there.” 
(Hiding behind a damp clothes hamper, one of the
gods-of-ugliness mused to his ole unsightly self,
“What a kid, what a kid.”)


One family’s Inter-structure motto:
“The longer the proverb,
the more words it takes.”


After many City years of reading and analyzing history,
this one chap slapped his head and said, “I suddenly realize
that there is a certain rhythm, a kind of unique tempo
to all the historic events!” and his brain partner thought,
“I don’t guess this is the best time to ask if he would care
to expand this insight into smaller, more immediate areas…Naw.”


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