Enough’s Enough

In the battle between
“Genes are our destiny” and
“Nurturing is our destiny” –
bet on destiny.

Those double-barreled, incomparable ideas we sometimes encounter,
have about them two distinct aspects: You think:
(1) “How right!” and
(2) “How unlikely I would have ever thought of it.”

By six-fifteen or so they were discussing when enough’s enough,
and when one might have gone too far, and the ole man said,
“Even the gods fear ridicule.” And after a ponder or two the kid
inquired, “Do you mean the gods dread receiving ridicule, OR
that they hesitate dispensing it?” And the elder replied,
“You may turn out to be a child of mine after all.”

In case you haven’t noticed,
under routine Milky Wayan conditions
a little variety in thought
feels like a LOT of variety in thought.

After realizing he was dead,
this one fellow asked that this info
not be made available, just yet.


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