Don’t Take This Personally

Today’s Little Quiz:
How many Alexanders throw private fits over a missing button?
You guessed it.
(Addendum: Of course we could play “Dirty Quiz” and
ask why men so enjoy being made the subject of satirical sport?)


One father, in the backyard, sitting on an obstacle,
talking to his son (you go figure) had the following to say,
“One sure way to tell if you’re being a ‘serious person’
is that you have no room for small talk, or small ideas.”
And a neighbor’s kid, lurking behind a pretext thought,
“Yeah, because all your space would be taken up by super small ones.”


(Whatever you do, don’t take this personally):
The rich always encourage pride in the poor,
for it costs them nothing.
(You know what I mean by “personally.”)


In one quarter ‘tis thought that,
“Suicide is the heroic act for the faint of heart,”
while across town ‘tis believed that,
“Self-slaughter is the wimpish way for the bold,”
but either way you look at it…


If you can “count your blessings”
you should be ashamed.


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