Don’t Drink with the Obvious

It doesn’t matter so much what something’s called,
as long as it’s called something.


Over near the flying subway entrance of a buzz planet,
a fellow dressed like a father told a smaller version of himself,
smelling like a son, “Kid, there are two ways you can go about this life;
you can try to get justice, or you can try to get by.”

Nursery Rhyme Update:
If Sally didn’t Go “round the roses,” there wouldn’t Be any roses.
(The Laws of Manifold Physics do show up in surprising venues.)

If you’re really gonna roll along with this kinda stuff,
you should be manipulating, massaging,
and just generally manhandling your own brain.


If I were to ask you the question,
“How do you have the most possible fun with your brain?”
and you have an answer – You’re not!

Unless you plan to settle down, and retire in the City,
memorize these Refreshing Rules Of Rebellious Etiquette:
Don’t dwell on “seems”;
Don’t lean on “apparently”;
And never, ever drink with the “obvious.”



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