The Secret Theme Park

In the Secret Theme Park where the privileged come-to-their-senses, and to their senses only – (leaving behind their mind’s criticism of what the senses feeds it) – people are left on their own to wander where they will.  Ride the rides, or not; play the games, see the shows, or pass, it’s all up to you, mentally that is, same as with your everyday life except here you no longer feel compelled to strut around the grounds like a make-believe big shot with unlimited funds and power who pretends to believe that he can bend the physical facilities of the park to his will….as long as he attempts it strictly in his dreams.

One day as he was hanging around the main gate of the park – AGAIN – one man was suddenly struck, “If I was ever going to achieve enlightenment, I’d a’surely done it by now”…which was instantly followed by another bolt, “Damn! If I’d a’had that thought years ago, and realized what it actually meant, I’d now BE enlightened!”  (An instant recognition that finally brought-the-light-to-his-eyes/I’s). 

Yass ‘ir!  Step right up ladies and gents – come on in. No lines, no waiting, and the cost for admission is only everything your little heart despises, (which is easily paid).  All you need do is turn to that part of your heart that is unenlightened, and ignorant as to how to become so, and it will give you every single thing you need to know to get you into the park.”

No one can instruct the would-be intelligent like the presently stupid.  Only that which seems to be the most asleep part of you can actually awaken you.

Neat, huh?!  And scary too!


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