To talk about something is to make it smaller than it is;
to think about something is to make it larger than it is; 
to do neither is to do things right…(and be non-delusional).
Apply this to what you call “yourself,”
then stand back and take a good, cool gander at it.

Bruno’s Soliloquy On Behalf Of All Men:
“I exist most clearly to my mind – when under siege – primarily by me-ge .” 

On one world their view of a certain matter is thus:
Men are not asleep and confused – words are; men are just unfortunate, collateral-victims in the affair. (So there!) 

Everyone’s mind knows there is a gigantic “secret” – AND  everyone would like to know what it is – BUT, everyone quickly gives up…except the privileged-few who do not like being called that since they do not see in what way they are “privileged.”  (Soreheads!)

To be normal, you must care about what other people think about you, and to be really normal you must care primarily about what other people think about what you think.  (Then, of course, for them to be normal, they must feel the same about you),  and this establishes a most interesting situation…well, not so much “interesting” as it is humorous…well, not really humorous in a way that normal people would find funny….which is probably why they don’t, “find it.”  It flies right past them, (or better put: passes right thru them).


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