What’s Wrong With Life?

No one has ever walked on this planet who has, “known what is wrong with life.”  No one can even know if there is anything wrong about life, much less specifically what it might be.

You do not personally have to support, nor be dragged unconsciously along, by collective man’s common view of life – as dictated by the genetic, physical quirks life places in men.  If you recognized what is above denoted, then you have the inherent quirk that makes possible an individual seeing-of-life, that is not confined to the noise of the crown – nor the strangulation of mechanical mentation.

No one knows IF there is anything “wrong” with life, (much less what it might be).  No one’s mind knows if there is anything “wrong” with them, (much less what it is), because of the childishly simple and obvious fact that no one has, or has ever had, anything to compare life to, and no human mind has ever had anything to compare itself to.

Put in the most possibly disturbing form: no one’s mind has any way to know if it is asleep or awake, enlightened or not.  It says it knows what features of itself it does not like, but beyond that…it’s all metaphysical bird shit.

…unless you catch on…

…then it becomes great fun…                           

…and a way to clear all those mental hairballs out of your system.


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