On A Search for the Truth

Once you realize this overall situation, there arises something more specific and personal.  Everyone has complaints with themselves; (their mind does); every intelligent person realizes clearly their own faults.  Every reasonable man knows quite well what is wrong with him…but,

Remember, we are not talking about your physical quirks.  We are talking about the judgments your mind expresses, about what things it finds wrong with you, that are caused by your physical quirks.

A man’s mind will certainly say what it does not like about the man.  It never labels this as being simply an uncontrollable mental preference it was programmed with, but rather the mind listens to its own totally subjective, automatic words, and accepts them as being objective statements of fact.  The mind will unhesitatingly state what is wrong with you…but, COMPARED TO WHAT?!

Your mind has no other you to compare you with.  Again, the mind tries to get around this by either referring to standards issued by deities beyond the confines of mortal life, or to rules of civilized conduct commonly agreed to by mortals, collectively.  The mind remains aware that it is the true source of all such, and thus the unavoidable reality of the question remains.  Your mind believes, categorically, that things are wrong with you…but, COMPARED TO WHAT…compared to what other you?

No man’s mind has any other you to compare you to, or if you are ready to get down to it: no one’s mind has anything else whatsoever to compare itself to. There it is! Right in your face!  Don’t keep droppin’ your drawers for that parrot shit about being, “Off on a search for The Truth.” There it is!  You don’t have to go anywhere! It’s right in your face if you really want to see it.


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