No License Is Needed

In the beginning, you study a system; then, if you progress, you shift to a study of yourself.  Then, if you really start to catch on, you turn your study on your studying.

Help!” the voice cried, “I’m a full-blown human trapped inside a mind!”  And his brother added, “Anything that is dynamite to the mind is nectar to my ears.”

A hip man is always armed, and for what he carries – no license is needed.

Those who know the truth are those who got over trying to divide the true from the false. Truth is not truth and falsity is not false.  Misunderstand this – even by a millimeter – and you’ve missed it all.

Mind spends a large part of its life studying shadows it sees without ever realizing that it is casting them.  Anyone who takes anything personally is a fool.

There is only no now and no later
All that’s gone before has vanished.


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