The Driverless Car


There is a great emptiness that needs to be filled.  A man spends his life doing so.  The emptiness is an illusion, and those things with which he fills it are solely imaginary too.  For all ordinary men, there is a great emptiness that must be filled; with the few, it is later emptied back out…on the sly.

There is an investigator of a certain pressing matter, who has no clue as to what he does.  His sensation is that the case is important and urgent, but his concepts of “urgent” and “important” are faulty. He does not understand what now looks like nor how meaningful smells.  He is on the case – the only investigator on-the-case – and yet he hasn’t got a clue, (which is not the real problem), he doesn’t even suspect that he doesn’t-have-a-clue. Discovering that this investigator never has a clue is the solving of the case.


There is a vehicle that has no driver.  It moves, and does so with apparent intention; but it is a trompe l’oeil.  It is a vehicle that moves, but its intentions are only revealed after the fact.  An apparition of a driver seems in the seat, and when queried, speaks as if knowledgeable of the requirements for vehicular movement; but it is a specter – there is no one driving-the-car.  He who sees this – sees the road.  Then he understands.


There is a room, quite popular with men, which has no door.  The room is most unusual, and affords experiences available no place else.  Some men prefer it above all others, and all men frequent it some. The room has no door and no one seems to notice.  There is no way in, and no way out…yet no one questions how they arrive there. There being no ingress, obviously nothing can be brought in, yet the room is both filled-to-the-brim, and also constantly replenished…yet no one is curious.  Men are troubled by the room; some seek to simply avoid it, others try to clean it out.  A few struggle to permanently close it up, but none succeed…yet all remain troubled by it.


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