There is That, Beyond Which

There is an ill that has no cure; it is an ill that is caused by attempts to treat it.  This is not correct, but at first seems so.  There is an ill that has no cure, for it is an ill that is fed by attempts to treat it, and the mind cannot distinguish between ills-from-its-own-dreaming and treatments that come from its dreams.

A clueless investigator in a door-less room: deep in a great emptiness, who got there in a car with no driver, and now struggles to diagnose an illness which no one can see; an illness, which if it did exist, would perforce be imaginarily iatrogenic, (in that he is a hospital with no doctors.)


There is a sight beyond which 
there is nothing else to see.
The sight is the understanding.

There is a sight, after having seen which,
there is nothing else to say,
and the sight itself is unspeakable. 
The sight is the secret.

Where does this leave the matter of


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