The Selection of Fruit

Since men do not, alone-by-veggies-live, the selection of fruit is extremely important. Vegetables are for the sustaining of life; fruit is for the enjoying of life. Veggies: all business – fruit: strictly entertainment.

Everyone is born with the hunger-for and knowledge-of the proper vegetables to consume, (which are common to all), but the taste for fruit is an individual matter, based on personal preference, and thus entails a learning experience.  The number of veggies is finite and known; the varieties of fruit increase daily, thus making the proper selection a constant and vexing challenge.

Life without fruit
would be a painting without color;
woods with no bird songs.
Life without fruit
would be livable but drab. 

All fruit is imaginary, thus are all of your preferences meaningless.  Everyone understands this, yet, no one is encouraged to remember it.

.…Whether you do or not is strictly up to you, but it is a costly confusion to mistake mere entertainment for real information.


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