All you need remember regarding expertise in matters strictly human is: anyone can whistle Dixie in the wind as long as it is your mind producing the breeze, and conjuring images of the south.

The good news is that things are not objectively as bleak as the supra descriptions sound; everyone’s mind is not the voice of an idiot – except when unnaturally compared to mind’s full potential; THEN is every man’s automatically-running inner voice, the voice of a one eyed, frustrated, constipated pinhead, (read: “standard issue”).  Ergo, since the mental situation into which all are born, and all are surrounded, is the norm, it is not a sea of idiots in which you bob, but rather an ocean of idiocy in your own head, if you never recognize the natural conditions of your watery environment.


Realizing the above shifts your inner position from one of simply bobbing to potential swimming.

It is none save the voices of idiots heard to cry: “Everyone out of the water!  ‘Tis foul and dangerous in there!” “Out-of-the-water!”??  Where, instead, do such voices suggest men retire themselves?

(Amidst their critical responsibilities, neurons can be forgiven for lightening things up now and then with a bit of humor, acting like an idiot, and all.  I mean, who ever imagined that men would take it SERIOUSLY?)


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