Investigating the Virus

The virus’ primary defense is in the fact that it is so widespread in man’s mind that it has been able to surround consciousness, and blind his thinking to its presence.  The virus is so powerful and now has such control over man’s mental processes that it is able to keep him literally from even having any ideas or suspicions regarding its presence.

The overall results of the virus’ activities prove, overall, beneficial to man-the-collective, and its existence is commonly accepted and unnoted.  There have always been, however, a few individuals who, for some genetic reason, have a particular and unshakable awareness of the virus, but even these people have a difficult time in pragmatically identifying and categorizing it.  Doing so requires the utmost in scientific skills, but again the virus protects itself by creating a specific blind spot in man’s thinking as concerns any attempted study of same.

A man who undertakes to investigate the case of this virus is without any useable text books, or instructions.  This is not to ignore a plethora of self-proclaimed same, but the only ones that survive are ones that the virus has allowed to survive, which, (need I note), it has sanitized and neutered.

Since the virus cannot be seen, (much less extracted and examined in a lab), it can only be studied by each person as it exists and manifests itself in him.  This sort of medical detective has for a lab only himself, and his sole methods of investigation – that work – are those he fashions for himself along the way.

For the few, nothing equals the excitement and pleasure of the study of the virus (except of course, a ménage a trois with a couple of Pasteur’s granddaughters), and nothing else of which the human mind can conceive proves so nearly impossible, (but, hey, the rules were already here when we showed up to play).


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