Everyone Has A Virus

The first news is: life on Earth is doing fine.  The second is that: everyone has a virus, but the third thing is that everyone is still doing fine, and hardly anyone even notices it. In most individuals, the virus seems to have a salubrious effect, and it has altered the behavior of man collectively to such an extent that should it now disappear,  his life would be radically changed.

Although this virus does not perfectly match the medical definition, it comes suitably close, plus, there is no other, more exact word.  There are however, several curious similarities between the two, such as:cience notes that ordinary viruses can be rendered inactive through crystallization, and stored in bottles for indefinite periods of time, and later be revived, and the same is done with the virus being referred to, but it is put away in containers called books.

Based on the length of their connection, (man having been host to the virus for as long as he has recorded his history), it would be assumed that their relationship is one of symbiosis.  Although from one perspective this could be questioned, and their affiliation viewed as one-sided and parasitic; the undiagnosed problem with this analyzation is that it comes from one of the parties involved.  In any case, it is not a question commonly conceived – that sport is left in the hands of a few untrained specialists. 

No one has ever physically seen the virus, and no advances in optical technology will ever make doing so possible.  Its presence is recognized solely by its handiwork, which is singular and unavoidable.  The fruits of its existence touch every corner of human life, yet less is known about it than any other aspect of human life.

The virus’ position in the life of man is now so central that it is conventionally thought-of, spoken-of, and taken-to-be an immutable part of what he is – and this silent assumption is not without reason, but what it IS without is: a closer examination, and objective analysis.


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