The Deal

Everybody wants to make-the-deal, but few can figure out the price to be paid.  Everybody wants to be part OF the deal, (but don’t want their real names used.)

When you don’t know about the deal, you imagine it to be a BIG deal.  Everybody’s heard of the deal, but few ever see it go down.

 Wheelin’ and dealin’, squallin’ and squealin’; that’s the noise in front of your house.

                           “Hey, keep that dog where he belongs.

(An individualistically minded canine in an ant colony dioesn’t belong.)

The deal can only go down, when you’re safe and sound;
The deal can only go down, when “YOU’RE” not around.
The deal can only be done, when “you’re” no more than one.

There is the ant hill deal, and the single malt deal:
 It takes a village to wound – one eye/I to heal.


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