The non-sexual reason that ordinary people prefer to live with another human being, is so there is someone in bed with them each morning when they awake from night time dreams to reaffirm that they are somebody – other THAN just their body.  (E.g., She rolls over and says: “Good morning, George,” and George again has some apparent, outside evidence of his George-ness.)


The soft, social sciences were created by the mind in the attempt to outfit ghosts in something that seems more substantial than sheets.


Everyone “believes” in something, and no matter their culture, everybody believes in the same thing: thoughts.  There is nothing man can believe in but thoughts.  Thoughts believe in themselves; some get carried away and worship themselves.

Everyone believes in something, except a man with the Understanding.  His thoughts have been slapped into reality; he knows that a “cat” is not actually a cat, but he understands why it is called one – everybody else does not.

With the Understandingcomes the understanding that all references a man makes to himself, (in past, present or future contexts), turns him into a misnamed “cat” – in his own eyes.  Too bad god was not around to correct your initial naming faux pas, huh?  But he could not have been, he was the one feeding you the names.

Taking seriously the naming-voice native to your mental-garden only nourishes the  undergrowth that chokes off the possibility of new, non-standard, neural flowering. The safe bet is – Listen to no one –  ESPECIALLY you-know-who!

                                    (Shhh – he might be listening.)


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