Wearing A Disguise

The whole purpose in seeking the Understanding would clearly seem to be to have your questions about life answered.  The truth is that it is your questions about life that keep you FROM understanding.  Your irrelevant, meaningless, dumb-ass questions – and it doesn’t matter how well versed your thoughts are in the metaphysical, or how appropriately mystical your questions seem – they are all stupid, meaningless and dumb-ass…that is, if you really want to find out what is going on in this universe.


“A man who constantly thinks about the knowledge is my kind of man; one who, after twenty years on the case, never thinks about it at all, is NOBODY’S man.” 
(P.S.   A man who knows what’s going on can recognize what should not be taken literally.)

                         People feel they are being forced to wear a disguise.


Though not a common topic of conversation, if asked about it, people will say that they are not allowed to be themselves.  They believe they are being coerced into pretending to be people they are not.  This feeling is historic, and worldwide, and gets symbolical airing in man’s myths, religions, and notions of political conspiracies.

Aside from perfunctory mumblings about, “social pressures concerning morality,” people are unable to identify who or what it is compelling them to act unnaturally, nor can they enunciate in a way they find satisfying exactly what they would be like if they were freed from this forced play acting.  But what people do feel most clearly and adamantly is that they are being forced towear-a-disguise, and not allowed to be themselves.


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