The Source of the Agitation

The way of profit is not the study of what’s buggin’ you, 
but of what it is in you that’s being bugged. 

You begin by searching for the source of the agitation,
and end up trying to locate who it is who is aware of the agitation.            
If you do not grasp why an investigator cannot investigate himself,
ask yourself this: can your body go off in search of itself?

A man said: “I believe only one thing to be true; that which a wise man told me, which is that, ‘Nothing is true.’ That is the only thing I now believe to be true.”  But he still doesn’t get it; he still doesn’t know what is true, and he still doesn’t get it.

And in conclusion, we take note of yet another strange mystery in our files:
      The Curious Case That Could Only Be Solved By Abandoning It.
 …(keep your de-coder rings set on Ready, little rangers).


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