Everything Man Can Think

The first kinds of things can be entertaining, but are finally frustrating.  The second thing of asking yourself: “Who is it asking yourself,” “Who is it asking yourself this question,” opens out into infinity – into the truth about everything man can think about.

Beyond what seeing-this-question-through will do – there is nothing.  Beyond what finally understanding what this question means – there is nothing else to understanding. When you know who is asking the question – you know it all…(check mate).

Now some additional stories totally unrelated to the above,,, (our humor for the day): 

If you take ideas to be real,
you wander into a mine. 
If you take ideas to be about
anything other than other ideas,
you’re in a mine with a hood over your head.

Not only is it the ordinary who survive ordinary affairs, it is also the fairly ordinary who see the extraordinary matter through.  Be just a regular person with an irregular interest.

A detective always-on-the-move 
will never solve the case,

nor a dog with runny eyes 
ever get his inheritance.


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