The Stay-at-Home-Mind

The hunger for the knowledge
is the spark that fuels the life of the few,
and it can only be had thru the mind;
but not thru the mind a man is born with.

A man is born with a stay-at-home-mind
but for This activity he needs a wandering-mind.

The stay-at-home-mind is seated firmly in the brain’s
sense of a self, and is instinctively protective of same.

The stay-at-home-mind sees itself to be the center
of an extremely important, though non-tangible, universe,
but “sees itself to be” in the sense of, 
“accepts itself to be,” in that it has no natural means 
by which to stand apart from itself, and actually– “see” itself.
No, what it does, (since there is nothing to oppose it),
is unanalytically accepts the innate sensation that comes with the territory,
that makes it feel that its view of the universe comes from its very core. 

A fish with no oceanographic knowledge,
and surrounded by water as far as he could see,
could conclude to his own satisfaction 
that he was in the very middle of the water, even though 

he might be but a short distance from shore.

By instinctively, (which is, from a mental view, to say, “blindly”)
accepting itself and its host human to be at the center of reality,  
the stay-at-home-mind serves itself, and its host, well.

Do note, an important distinction being herein created-and-drawn:
it is the conscious operations of the brain being spoken of as the 
STAY-AT-HOME-MIND — the source of thought;
and while the brain’s non consciousness mind helps protect the body,
the stay-at-home-mind protects thought, and by accepting its own ideas
to be the most valid of all, it fulfills its protective duties cuit à point.

A man seeking THE UNDERSTANDING can. by no measure. rely on this mind;
he can only ignore it, and create in himself the, WANDERING-MIND,
which is forever adventurous;
which never stops, 
never sits down in a chair in your house, 
and “ponders” the nature of the universe, 
which under these conditions is to but 
ponder the sole of your own foot —
…and without ever even looking at it, at that.


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